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Multishot – Aerial Repeaters

 One fuse lights and ignites a series of projectiles at once.  These can contain up to 200 grams of pyrotechnics and offer a very exciting display with multiple colors and different effects.

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One fuse lights and ignites a series of projectiles at once.  These can contain up to 200 grams of pyrotechnics and offer a very exciting display with multiple colors and different effects.

Air Bombing- Red, white, crackling whistling tails to blue, green, yellow, and purple to green strobes.

Airborne Troops

Autumn Drizzle

Bling Bling- Multicolored glitter and has a finale of its own. 36 shots.

Blossom After Thundering

Blue Hawaii- Double stage mine with red, green, and yellow with crackling. 19 shots.

Blue Hurricane

Cajun Pageant- Red, green, and blue colorful bursts. Super colorful 25 shots.

Carolina Cannon- Beautiful white bursts with giant bursting red, green, and blue pearls. 12 shots.

Clustering Cicada

Mighty Cobra- Crackling comets and gold plumes. Comes in different sizes.

Coconut Grove- Large golden palm with various colorful effects. 19 big shots.

Cold Fusion- Mines with crackling, red aerials, green and blue bursts. Ends with a 30 shot finale, 102 shots total.

96 Shot Color Pearl- Red, green stars with shots ending in green and red stars that crackle.

100 Shot Magical Barrage

Color Dancing Balls

Crackling Palm- Large golden branches with golden stars and titanium flowers. 19 big shots.

Crazy Cowboy- 5 shots of red coco with red tails, silver coco with silver tails, blue stars with blue tails, red and green stars to spirals and report with green tails and crackling with crackling tails. 25 shots.

Desert at Night- Multicolor fountain with 6 shots of red or blue shells into the air.

19 Shot Festival Ball


Freedom Ride- 18 patriotic colors and effects in blue, white, gold and reds along with strobing, glitter, willows, and brocades.

Gatling Gun

Hally’s Comet

Happy Fireworks

High Roller’s Club- 12 shots of alternating red, green, and silver palms with crackling chrysanthemums.



Magnificent Festival

Monster Hunt- Screaming loud red bursts, white and blue color pearls with bangs, and color tails to crackling red and green bursts, ends with two flying saucers shooting high into the sky.

Moon Festival- Begins as a silver fountain with bursts of color stars and night parachutes into the sky.

Multibarrel Launcher

News Transmitter

Patriot Parade- Red, silver and blue bouquets with silver tails ending with a 10 shot finale. 25 shots.

Red, White, and Blue- 12 shots of patriotic colors, red tail spins to red peonies, blue tail spins to silver glitter and crackling, red tail spins to blue pearls and crackling.

Saturn Missile Battery- Whistles, crackles, and shoots erratically into the air. Available in different sizes.

Screaming Eagle- Super high shooting with loud screaming whistles. Green, red, and blue stars with a loud whistle. 25 shots.

61 Shot Double Barrel Barrage- Large red comets with loud double bangs.

61 Shot Flora Nova- Red and green pearls with white glittering with whistles and crackling tails.

61 Shot Rising Dragon- Red and green pearls, white glittering with large gold tails.

61 Shot Swarming Bees- Whit glittering with gold tails that ends with a loud report.

Breathtaking Soccer Match

Stars and Stripes

Super Stallion- Blue, green, and red tails to blue, green and red bouquet with loud reports and crackling.

Sydney Harbor- 10 multicolored shots that shoot high into the air.

Thousand Bees- Big, silver spinning whirls and color stars. 25 shots.



Tick Tock- 25 angled shots shoot in groups of five. Very colorful with orange, purple, green, and blue bursts ending with timed crackling bursts.

Twinkling Star- 7 shots of white glittering stars

Twitter Glitter- Showers of sparks explode into color stars that shoot into the air. Available in different sizes.

Victory Celebration- 37 shots of colorful parachutes with red or green stars and lots of noise.

Violet Bloom