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Fireworks Assortments


Assortments are a convenient way to purchase a variety of fireworks. The items that make up our assortments are hand-picked and packaged by Neeley Sales, Company. We are able to offer assortments in a variety of sizes and price ranges.

#1 Tray- A bigger version of our Kiddie Bag. This tray has lots to offer and are popular with children. It contains snappers, confetti poppers, smoke balls, fountains, helicopter items, and other kid-friendly novelty items.

#2 Tray- currently out of stock.

#3 Tray- A larger version of our #1 tray. This one offers aerial items in addition to fountains, novelty items, and roman candles.

#4 Tray- An upgrade to the #3 tray that contains rockets, firecrackers, fountains, helicopter items, multi-shot aerials, and a few novelty items too.

#5 Tray- This assortment contains mortars, fountains, multi-shot aerials, novelties, roman candles, and more.

#6 Tray- This assortment only contains multi-shot aerials. This is a great choice for people who want to do a show of their own.

#7 Tray- Also known as our rocket tray! This package offers 12 dozen assorted rockets and includes a launch tube.

Kiddie Bag- An inexpensive assortment geared towards the younger crowd. The kiddie bag contains a confetti popper, snappers, snakes, fountains, snakes, and other novelty items.

Rocket Bag- A great rocket assortment that contains over 3 dozen rockets.

By George Bag- This popular assortment contains everything from sparklers and roman candles, to fountains and firecrackers.

Cannon Ball Bag- This assortment has everything in a small package. It has multi-shot aerial items, fountains, novelty items, roman candles, and even firecrackers.

Fireball Bag- This bag contains multiple fountains, firecrackers, multiple aerial items, novelty items, sparklers, roman candles, and more.

$89 Bag- A bigger version of the Fireball bag. This bag is valued at over $89 and contains multiple fountains and aerial items, more roman candles, firecrackers, 2 dozen rockets, and more.

$159 Bag- A bigger version of the $89 bag and is valued at well over $159. This bag has mortars, fountains, multi-shot aerials, saturn missiles, a brick of firecrackers, and MUCH more.