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500 Gram Monster Fireworks – Cakes

Browse through the videos below for a small sampling of The Fireworks Supermarkets 500 Gram Fireworks selection. Check back often to view new & exciting videos.

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These items are packed with 500 grams (over 1lb.) of powder.

 Each item has multiple shots with just one fuse.

Ancient Warriors

Blond Joke- Alternating crackling tails, red crackling stars, green and blue bouquets with a 12 shot finale. 36 shots.

Breakin’ ‘n’ Poppin’

Cats in the Cupboard- 30 big breaks plus a 3-shot finale of monster shots! Click here to see Cats in the Cupboard on our YouTube channel.

Eagles Talon

Gnarly- Multi-colored breaks with green strobes. 20 shots. Click here to view Gnarly on our YouTube channel.

Head Banger

Heavy Hitz


Jet Propulsion- 36 shots of screaming whistles with super red hanging stars at the end.

Mission Iron Eagle

Mystic Realms- Big willows and brightly colored falling leaves. 28 shots.

Mythical Triangle

Nasty at Night- 25 shots of of alternating blue with silver palm comets and blue with crackling comets.

Newton’s Nightmare- Glittery willow comets fly into the air and end in colorful bursts of strobing sparkles. Timed rain willows ends the 16 shot show.

No Guts No Glory- 25 shots of gold to green glitter willow to red, blue, and crackling. Click here to watch No Guts No Glory on our YouTube channel.

Parrots’ Prattle- Whistling to red and white palms with white flashes and whistles. 36 shots.

Power Pack

Saturday Night Special- Comets, comet tails to bouquets, gold and silver flying fish, spinners, whistling tails with reports and comet tails to crackling bouquets. 36 shots.

750 Shot Saturn Missile Battery- Maximum loaded. 750 shots of rapid fire saturn missiles. Lasts 90 seconds. Click here to view a video of the 750 Shot Saturn Missile on our YouTube channel!

Shotgun Wedding- Whistling tails to red and green palms with white flashes, whistles, and whistling tails to crackling flowers. 36 shots.

Thunder Driver

Tsunami Rage

Win Win Situation- Tail streamer stars change into colorful barrage of big, heavy breaks. 25 shots.

3” Commercial Finale Rack- 8 loud, heavy bursts with color changing stars, strobes, brocades, and willow. Lots of color in this item. Click here to view this item on YouTube.